Why you Need Vitamin Supplements & Why They Aren’t All the Same.

We’ve all been told since childhood to take vitamins for good health.

We need supplements because the chemicals put on the plants and in the soil, strip the nutrients from the food. Unless you buy organic or grow your own food, chances are that you are getting very little nutritional value from your food. Even with organic because the soil has been depleted of vital nutrients over the years. Don’t even get me started on the steroid hormones in beef and poultry. Then there is the fast foods we grab on the run or for convenience. You just don’t know what is in your food anymore!

So we need to supplement with vitamins and minerals. But, how can you trust that the supplements you buy are doing you any good? Recently, it has come out that most over the counter supplements are a lot of fluff and not healthy nutrients at all. Some, in fact, use sawdust as a filler, sawdust! Unfortunately, its all about the money for most manufacturers.

Not to worry, there is a company who has been manufacturing pure, healthy supplements using higher quality ingredients from around the world for 35 years. Your health is and has always been their #1 priorty, which is why every product they manufacture is made from plants, essential oils, botanicals and minerals, putting the power of nature to work for you.

Using Oligo patented technology to process minerals to make them more absorbable and drastically minimize free radical activity. Oligo’s patented formulas are clinically proven to reduce free radicals and inflammation. (Look up the Freiburg Clinical Study) Why is this important, you ask? FREE radicals cause aging and diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Inflammation is the cause of many diseases, immune disorders, all forms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, kidney failure, heart disease, etc… You get the picture.

So, how can you get this amazing supplements? They can ONLY be purchased from the Online Wellness Store.