Cleaning your home to keep your family healthy shouldn’t cause harm to you instead.

Did you know that the chemicals in your cleaning products cause cancer, respiratory ailments, blood disorders and much more? There is a healthier way to clean your home free of harmful chemicals.

The Wellness Store has been providing consumers with non toxic, plant based cleaning products that clean without harmful chemicals and leave a fresh scent for over 35 years. Yeah, I know, I never heard of them either until my friend introduced me to it 3 yrs ago. I’m so thankful she did!

They keep costs down by utilizing word of mouth advertising. So, not only do the products work, smell good, but they are so affordable. I love helping people break free from harmful chemicals that irritate asthma, eczema and allergies. So nice to clean without gagging and burning eyes.

What are these amazing products? Ecoscence from the Wellness store.

Bathroom bundle